Members of the Audition Workshop in May 2014

Members of the Audition Workshop in May 2014

The documentary "Somewhen" used the Audition Workshop as part of the film.

The documentary “Somewhen” used the Audition Workshop as part of the film.

ATCMB holds a number of regular workshops in Calgary which are booked through various talent agencies. There is more and more work happening in Calgary all the time. Currently, a number students are getting work on the western cable series “Hell on Wheels”.

My weekend was amazing.. I learned a lot of good tips. Made some amazing new friends, and improved myself. I stepped out of my comfort and learned I can do it, just need to step back and focus on something else. Jeff Skinner is an amazing acting coach and teacher. I can’t wait to hang with people I meet this weekend again.
Charlene Kinney – Actor (Calgary)

Hi Jeff,
Wanted to say thanks again for your workshop in Calgary. I did my audition last
Thursday and was offered the part today!
It is one of the lead roles in the SAIT film and television second year students
production and I am charged and ready to go.
I would have been far different story at the audition if not for your tips and help. I will
happily be recommending anyone that asks me about your workshop and look forward
to your advanced class in March.
Thanks so much!

Neil Enock – Actor/Filmmaker (Calgary)


Calgary Workshops

Audition Like a Pro; 2-Day Workshop

This introductory workshop is designed for the novice actor. It focuses on;
1. How to be truthful AND Interesting as an actor
2. Dealing with nerves and remaining cool and calm
3. Opening up your wonderfully creative mind
4. What goes into preparing a scene
5. Understanding the 5 basic elements of any dramatic scene
6. Audition technique and etiquette

Acting Essentials; 2-Day Workshop

This next level workshop is designed for actors who have taken the Auditioning Like a Pro workshop. It focuses on;

1. How to be a generous actor and what that means
2. How to access the freedom in acting
3. How to listen and react
4. How to emotionally access any script instantly
5. How to map your emotional journey through any script using Transitives
6. Keeping the fun in acting

These two workshops together will provide you with good habits and a strong rudimentary foundation to pursue further training and professional work.

Voice Acting; 2-Day  Workshop

There are three main tools every actor needs – your body, your intellect and your voice. In this two-day workshop we will be focusing in on the voice. The areas to be covered are:

How to utilize your voice for the stage
How to utilize your voice for film
How to develop your voice for voice-over, narration and animation work
How the voice works
How to take care of your voice
How to interpret voice-over and narration scripts
How to set-up a simple home studio
How to establish a voice career online

This work will provide you with a solid starting point to enter into a Voice Acting career and to continue developing your vocal instrument for any form of presentation.

Hello Jeff,

Thank you for your coaching and gracious approach to the fine art of acting!
During the 2 days you allowed all of us a comfortable and safe place to explore, discover and uncover things about ourselves, that for some may have been hidden, lost or forgotten. We were given permission to play and be in the moment again! What a wonderful thing! I was humbled by the experience. I was in awe of how quickly we shed those hard shells we wear if given the right environment! I feel a sense of responsibility to write this to you because I think what you are doing is a wonderful gift! I didn’t see actors in the class. I saw human beings growing in front of my eyes. Bravo to you!

I will continue to pursue acting and would love to learn more from you

Again! Thank you for being you!!!

Sean Mahoney – Actor (Calgary)