Improv Café

Is having fun in a ‘silly’ way a stretch? Outside your comfort zone? Some people say acting silly is not professional, classy or sexy, not what parents or leaders do. We are here to tell you this is just not true! Improv is actually really fun and easy.

Improv Cafe happens in a secure, safe and respectful environment. When you leave the Improv you will go back to your life, your family, your job and you will still be who you were when you came – and you will be a bit different too.

The difference is you will feel more free to flow with what life presents, to be more compassionate and caring to others and to yourself (as you simply cannot help being compassionate when someone is acting silly in front of a live audience:) – can you?

The Improv Cafe is ALL about having FUN! It’s a great place to meet new people. It’s about getting outside your comfort zone for a brief time and enjoying the experience of being playful. Have you ever seen a grandmother or grandfather NOT be silly having fun playing with their grandchildren? They giggle, screech, moan and frown just like the little ones do.

So come on out to the next Improv and be ready to laugh out loud, be silly yourself or watch other people being silly and be prepared to have some good ‘ol fun!

The room holds 30 people and last month nearly sold out! If you want to be sure to grab your seat – RSVP as soon as you know you want to come – and bring a friend or two, or three or four!



Our gaggle of sillier players from the April 27th, 2014 Improv Cafe!


Live life to the max through Improv!