Counseling & Advice

As with any growing industry, there are often more questions flying around than answers.  Also, sad to say, more people lurking around waiting to take your money in any number of scams.

The Actors Training Centre of Manitoba is here for you.  As a resource, you can call ATCMB to ask questions about a particular production, casting call, protocol, or even to see if there’s anything you need to know before you take on a role.  Know your rights.  Protect yourself.  The film industry in Manitoba is legitimate.  It’s represented well by a number of industry professionals.  Those professionals have a vested interest in protecting themselves and their industry.

If you’re in doubt about anything, give us a call, 204-291-3456

Industry standard Actor’s Resumés

It is required of an actor to have the following two things to be employed in the film and television business.
•An industry standard 8×10 head shot
•An industry standard formatted resumé.

Directors don’t have time to waste.  They want an industry standard format so they can find what they’re looking for fast.  Your film and television resumé is different from your regular C.V. resumé.  And it should never exceed one page in length.

Download the industry standard template in .doc format here:  Acting Resumé Template

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates for training classes are available for purchase.  We will customize and personalize them for any occasion or celebration!  Just provide us detailed information about this special person, you may include any comment you would like and we will design it accordingly.  Surprise your loved one with a unique, original gift!  Our gift certificates never expire.  We will email, print and send your gift certificate or arrange for pick up.