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All our acting classes are designed for individuals 18 years of age and over

Hello All,

I have been doing some thinking and without getting into detail I have decided that beginning our classes in July is still too early. Therefore, I am going to push the start dates of all the classes to August. I will review things again at that time.

I am sorry for the inconvenience but better safe than sorry. I miss seeing all of you!

Take care,

Jeff Skinner


Acting Essentials – Novice

Acting Essentials – Intermediate

Acting Essentials – Advanced

Master Class – Film

Master Class – Theatre

Voice Acting – Level 1

Voice Acting – Level 2


5 Line And Under

Corporate Training




*          Have you just decided you want to give acting a try?

*          Not sure if it’s for you but it looks like fun?

*          You always wanted to in school but somehow you never did?

*          You’ve retired and thought this might be a fun thing to get into?

*          You’ve just finished high school and thought this would be a life option for you?

*          You think acting might be a fun hobby?

If you have asked yourself any one of these questions or fit into any one of these categories, then this 8-week class is just right for you!

*              We answer ALL your questions regarding the craft and the business.

*          We teach you the concept and basics of acting and how to navigate the business of film/TV and theatre.

*          We introduce you to acting technique in a fun, easy way.

*          We help you discover if acting is what you really want.

*              We help get you started on the journey that is right for you.

If you are interested in our program, please know that you are welcome, by appointment, to audit one Intermediate class, free-of-charge to see if the class is right for you and vice versa.

When: Saturday mornings from 10 am to Noon

Instructor: Jeff Skinner

Cost: $395.00 plus GST              Contact:

Next session will be determined once Omicron settles down

Double vaccination is required

Certificate of Achievement upon completion

“Self-Awareness is a positive side-effect of studying acting for acting is the study of the human condition” –  Jeff Skinner


This course, done in 12-week cycles is your next step in your journey to becoming a professional actor.  Once you understand what comprises the craft and the industry, you are ready to properly explore this career in the Arts in detail and have fun while doing it!

You will learn;

*          The inner workings of the industry and how to navigate them

*          acting techniques for both the camera and stage

*          audition skills

*          performance styles

*          techniques unique to this class as to how to gain mastery over your fears and doubts of your performance.

*          how to market yourself and manage your career so that you begin to work almost immediately.

*          Most importantly, you will be given simple, practical tools that will support you throughout your entire career!

All of this done within a supportive environment!

Because this class runs in 12-week cycles, you can join at any time if you qualify. You must either complete the Novice course or have the equivalent of one year of acting training to join.

When: Tuesday evenings from 7 to 10 PM

Instructor: Jeff Skinner

Cost: $225.00 plus GST per month Contact:

Double vaccination is required

You will be awarded a Certificate of Merit upon an acceptable performance review along with a $100 scholarship toward the Advanced class.

How quickly you can master the skills required to move to the next level will be fully dependent on your level of commitment. Attendance will also be considered in the final decision.

“Only as an actor do you get paid to be imperfect.” – Jeff Skinner



Once you have mastered the basic mechanics of acting, you will be introduced to the finer points of the craft that will help you take your performance from good to inspired.

You will learn;

  • techniques that will help you create fully three-dimensional characters that are complex, truthful and interesting.

*    various performance styles allowing you to become comfortable performing numerous forms of both drama and comedy.

*    how to create these characters efficiently so that you can work comfortably within the given time constraints of any project.

I cannot stress enough how it is important that your learning be done within a fun and supportive environment!

We will strive to help you fulfill your potential!

This course also runs in 12-week cycles and you can join at any time if you qualify. You must have completed the Intermediate Acting Essentials course or have the equivalent of two years of acting training.

When: Wednesday evenings from 7 to 10 PM

Instructor: Jeff Skinner

Cost: $225.00 plus GST per month Contact:

Double vaccination is required

You will be awarded a Certificate of Merit upon an acceptable performance review along with a $100 scholarship toward the Masters class.

“Acting is all about honesty. If you can fake that you’ve got it made.” –  George Burns

Here is where you put it all together!


Master Class Film

You will be tasked to teach less experienced students along with developing, producing, casting, directing, marketing and distributing your own short film.

Master Class Theatre

You will be tasked to teach less experienced students along with developing, producing, casting, directing and marketing your own one-act play.

These courses will culminate in a two-evening public performance of one plays and short films.

You must take the full Acting Essentials program or three years of equivalent training to qualify.

12-week duration

When: Date and time TBD

Cost: $625 plus GST                           Contact:

You will be awarded a Certificate of Merit upon an acceptable performance review.


Voice Acting – Level I

The Actors’ Training Centre of Manitoba is launching another session of the Voice Acting Level I January 2022. Exact starting date TBD

ATCMB and Dacapo Productions have been working closely to provide a comprehensive training path for you and your voice. Along with the current 12-week Voice Acting Level I, ATCMB added an 8-week Voice Acting Level II course that has been designed to integrate with da Capo’s 6-week on-mic in-studio Voice Practicum.
The Level I course runs 12 weeks and includes 3 in-studio sessions – session 1 is a tour of Dacapo, studio etiquette and recording a base-line commercial demo, session 2 is getting practice doing VO character voicing for animation and session 3 is completing your commercial demo and narration piece. The remainder of the time is in the classroom working behind the mic on all of the necessary technique required for a career in Voice Acting. You also learn how to set up your home studio at minimal cost and how to launch your career on the internet.

The course will run twelve consecutive weeks, every Thursday evening from 7 to 10 PM.

The cost of the 12-week Voice Acting Level I course is $775.00 plus GST.

Next session begins January 2022. Exact starting date TBD

Double vaccination is required

There is a 10% discount if paid in full prior to the first class! There is also a 3-installment payment plan designed to make life a little easier for some of you.
A minimum $50 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your spot.

This is a very comprehensive course! It fills up quickly so don’t miss out on it!

Contact us at

“The classes at the Actor’s Training Centre of Manitoba gave me further insight and knowledge into the field of voice acting. The classes taught by Jeff Skinner really prepared me to go into a studio situation while recording voice over for a documentary, and have helped tremendously in my career as an audio book narrator. When the time is right, I will enroll again in one of their classes to continue my voice training. I highly recommend that any actor, whether new or seasoned, should take a class at the Centre.”
Kellie Kamryn – Award-Winning Author

Thanks for this Jeff, and thanks for everything. This was one of the best
courses – in anything – I’ve ever taken.

Liz Janzen – Writer (Manitoba Film Industry)


Voice Acting – Level 2


Hi Jeff,

After receiving notice of your posting on Friday, I took advantage of the opportunity to get a head shot done today (great to be receiving this kind of information now, BTW, after discovering my Facebook notifications for certain groups had been set to off…)

I went in to this head shot session with some trepidation, given that this was another first for me, and was pleasantly surprised at what a positive experience it turned out to be. It was really great to meet and work with John, Lori and Trish.

And as for your course on voice acting:

The understated course description I came across at the website came nowhere near capturing what I ultimately received from your classes. You made the classes an adventure of self-discovery for me by “setting the stage” with a positive, encouraging, challenging and fun atmosphere. As a shy student new to this industry, it was very impressive to me that you were able to draw so much more from me than what I thought possible. This made it a joy to learn about voice technique and expression, and left me wanting more after the course drew to a close.
Ruth Bond – Voice Actor (Winnipeg



5 Lines and Under

We’re getting rave reviews on our latest …


– How do you create character with just one line?

– Is your character important to the project if you have just one line?

– How do you make your one or two lines “pop” in an audition

Most local actors land roles in the “actor” category. That is 5 lines or less.
As many of you know – there is much more to even one line than those few words!

This workshop will teach you how to prepare a nuanced and layered character for your audition even though you are delivering only a few lines.

We will work in a comfortable, supportive environment – allowing you to grow and see changes by putting what you learn into action right there in classroom!

Never underestimate the power of only a few lines – Oscars have been won on these performances!

Workshop date :  TBA

The first six workshops were a huge success!

Sides will be mailed out to actors 48 hours in advance. Don’t wait till the last minute to register!

Avoid disappointment, sign-up by emailing:

Corporate Training

ATCMB currently offers both group and one-on-one coaching in Public Speaking for individuals who, through their job description, now find themselves in a position to convey information and/or provide team building within the work environment.

We deal with ;

  1. How to remove nerves from the equation
  2. How to create a one-on-one relationship in a group environment
  3. How to command a room with ease
  4. How to be authentic and interesting
  5. How to put everyone at ease including yourself

PLUS much more!

Rate for One-on-One coaching is $80.00 per hour plus GST

Group Training quoted on a per booking basis    204-291-3456

Focusing Your Charisma for a More Dynamic Stage Presence!

CLICK ON THE ABOVE LINK for details on our up-coming intensive workshop (date TBD) titled Focusing Your Charisma for a More Dynamic Stage Presence!”